Cooler place
Succulents and cacti like to be in a cold place in winter. If you have a place in the house where the heating is not or barely on, such as the bedroom or attic, try to overwinter the most sensitive plants there. You therefore need to water less, so that they really get some rest.

Replenish moisture
If you don’t want to carry plants around or simply don’t have any other places in the house, it is important to take extra good care of your house plants and keep an eye on them. Because our houses are increasingly well insulated and we turn the heating up on cold days, the humidity in the house is very low during the winter. You may suffer from dry skin and throat yourself, plants also suffer from the dry air. You often notice the lack of moisture because the soil dries up quickly and the edges of the leaves turn brown.

You can increase the humidity by placing bowls of water between the plants or hanging condensation trays on the heating. Spray the plants regularly, especially houseplants with large leaves such as the Monstera like this, or put them in the water vapor for a while after showering.

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