Buy flowers
Buying flowers makes you happy! And to keep that feeling as long as possible, it is good to pay attention to a few things when purchasing flowers:

The leaves should not hang limp, which could mean that they have not had enough water or food.
Has the leaf (partly) turned yellow? Then the flowers have been in the foil for too long. Sometimes that is the case in the supermarket.
Have your flowers well packed in the winter or when there is a fresh wind, many flowers cannot withstand the cold.
If the stems are damaged, the flowers have not been handled too carefully. It’s also a shame if your flowers snap right away.
clean vase
A clean vase is a must for fresh cut flowers. Cleaning does not mean rinsing with warm water and done, but do it a little more thoroughly. A drop of bleach and a little washing-up liquid in the water already works wonders. Just scrub well, rinse and you can use the vase.

As beautiful as your other vases are, a glass vase is actually the best for flowers. In a transparent vase you can clearly see whether there is still enough water in it and whether the water is still clear. Two requirements for floral happiness for as long as possible.

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